Ultimate Yoga Asanas to Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is an ailment that happens due to the inadequate insulin production in our body, which leads to improper absorption of sugar/glucose by our cells resulting in excess sugar in the blood stream. Stress and improper diet plays a major role in aggravating it. The addressal of  these lifestyle issues is of paramount importance especially considering the fast-paced lifestyle that we lead.

Diabetes can be tackled by the addition of certain yogic asanas to your daily routine. Regularity and consistency of practice of these asanas is important to see any benefit in the struggle to manage diabetes. Stick to a daily schedule as much as possible, decide upon a time of day to dedicate to practicing the asanas, it can be morning or evening depending on your schedule. The results that follow if you’re disciplined and dedicated to it are astounding. These asanas work by twisting and turning the thoracic and lumbar regions of our body, this is where the pancreas is located, hence lowering blood sugar as well as the production of insulin. Yoga also helps the nervous system by reducing stress hormones, which accelerates diabetes in our body, if done properly it provides you with a holistic treatment for diabetes. The following are the ultimate yoga asanas to manage diabetes:


Also known as the Seated forward bend pose, it promotes better functioning of the kidneys and the pancreas. It helps with weight control and in keeping a tab on diabetes.


Also known as the sun salutation, it involves the Because Suryanamaskar involves movement of the whole body, it gets the blood to circulate better. It also improves the functioning of the pancreas and increases insulin sensitivity.


The aptly titled ‘Cobra pose’ is called so because of the backbend that resembles the flared hood of the cobra, it engages the core muscles and expands the chest and lungs, thus improving metabolism and helping combat diabetes.


Alternatively called the Triangle Pose, this asana activates the stomach and waist area, burning fat and thus promoting weight loss and improving digestion.It is a very useful asana for people with obesity and other weight related issues. Hence, helping manage diabetes.


The Lord of the fish pose as it is also called twists the spine and the abdomen, strengthening them in the process. It improves the secretion of insulin by gently massaging the liver, insulin is the same hormone that manages the sugar levels in our blood, thus helping control diabetes. The added benefit of this pose is that it improves the functioning of various other abdominal organs as well.

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