Simple Ways How Relationships Can Help You Be Stress Free

We all feel empowered by technology. Connected with our friends and family members through mobile phones and social media channels. We feel blessed to be ultra connected through the technology miracles in our pockets, giving us access to any one on the planet. However, the truth is the connections through technology are just a can of fizzy pop and a chocolate bar for breakfast – simple unhealthy substitutes for real connections and relationships.

In my practice I have come across so many instances where stress and the lack of connection are the root cause of numerous health ailments. A lack of nurturing relationships is essential for us, humans to live and cherish ourselves.

Some simple tips that each one of us should include in their lives to ensure a stress free life:

Try the Power of Touch

Researchers at University College London found that affectionate touch reduces feelings of social exclusion, which is one of the most painful experiences a human can have. Human touch can slow down our heart rate, lower blood pressure and reduce our cortisol levels. It even raises the levels of Natural Killer (NK) cells, which fight off threats, such as infections and cancer cells, while lack of touch is a physical stressor on the body and helps throw you into a stress state.  So what should you do:

  • Hug someone close to you everyday. If you have children make an effort to be close to them and show them the love. What ever may their age be, remember, what you give to the universe comes back to you!
  • If you have an older parent or elderly friend, provide them a prolonged warm embrace. Your physical touch would mutually benefit both and help strengthen your relationship.
  • If you are stressed, stroke your pet and definitely talk about your stress issues with someone.
  • If you have no one with you and are away, simply book a massage.

End the IAffair

Earlier, in the evening, every couple would reconnect. Discuss about their day over dinner, watch television together and at bedtime there would be dim lights, pillow talk and cuddling that would, at times, lead further. But it’s extremely common now for partners to go to bed and be siloed in their own digital worlds. While you may be worried about your spouse having an affair, check yourself and your extramarital relationships with your mobile devices. Our phones are the last thing we think about before going to sleep and the first thing we think about when we wake in the morning.

  • Can you remember of a time when you were with family and were not constantly checking your phone?
  • Can you remember a morning when you did not check your phone, the first thing in the morning?

Your phone is definitely the third member in the relationship.

Spice up your life

Everything in life is easier when we have a sense of intimacy running along in the background, it’s the glue that holds relationships together, but it doesn’t have to be sexual – it could be just lying in bed together, showering together, even taking a nap together. Set some time aside for it once or twice a week. If you don’t actively schedule it, it won’t happen. But by having a plan to create more of it, you’ll find that your stress levels go down and your resilience – often along with your libido – goes up.

Make time for your friends

We humans are not designed to be alone. Today we have a number of people living alone and suffering from loneliness. Our modern lives, work pressures and looking after kids makes us put less and less time to talk to friends and come together to unwind, laugh and de-stress.

  • Make it a point to meet one friend at least every week.
  • Ensure that you and your kids get time to unwind, whether it’s a trip to the park or just playing in the backyard.
  • Planning a weekend party with friends is the best. Try and socialize.

Carry out random acts of kindness

Humans are social animals and we are often at our happiest when we’re acting in the service of others – feeling wanted or useful or that we are doing something meaningful for someone who needs our help. Try doing at least one thing every day for someone else – something extra that you don’t have to do. It could be making a cup of tea for a new colleague in the office, saying hello to the cashier in the supermarket and asking how they are, picking up some litter in the street or holding a door open for someone. These small acts of kindness will boost your self-esteem and help infuse your daily life with purpose.

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