Ayurveda treatment for Hypertension

The stress of modern day life has caused a lot of stress on our bodies, which has
resulted in a host of ailments. Hypertension being one of the biggest products of our
modern lifestyle. Hypertension or High Blood Pressure as it is commonly called
happens when the force with which the blood flows against the artery walls is high.
The constantly higher force with which the bloods flows against the artery causes it
to weaken leaded to several other ailments such as heart-attacks, strokes and
kidney failure. Due to the lack of visible symptoms, High blood pressure is often left
undiagnosed or diagnosed much later when reversing the condition becomes

The holistic powers of Ayurveda are well documented as an effective treatment for
various health issues. Even something as difficult to treat as hypertension can be
managed and controlled by using various Ayurvedic home remedies:


Long known for its health benefits, Honey is a great herbal remedy for
high blood pressure. Consuming honey regularly mixed in a glass of warm
water in the morning helps calm the body down as well as relax the walls of
the blood vessels, hence helping manage hypertension.

Green vegetable and fruits

There’s a reason why green vegetables and fruits are an integral part of a healthy diet, it protects your body from numerous diseases and ailments. Vegetables like spinach and carrot and fruits such as watermelon, papaya and grapes help reduce the stress put on the heart and keep it healthy.


Loaded with Vitamin C, lemons are extremely effective at reducing
hypertension. It relaxes the rigidity present in our blood vessels and
smoothens the flow of blood.

Green tea

An extremely potent anti-oxidant, Green tea also has stress reduction properties, one of the major causes for hypertension.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Another rich source of Vitamin C, Amla helps in widening the blood vessels thus reducing and managing hypertension.

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