7 Simple Life Changes that Can Help You Cure Hypertension

High blood pressure is a condition that affects 1 in 3 Indians, which means that approximately 446 million Indians are diagnosed with Hypertension. Getting diagnosed with Hypertension is never easy, as it impacts a host of lifestyle choices that we employ. But thankfully, there are just 7 simple life changes that can help you cure hypertension:

Watch your weight:

Having excess weight on your body can cause a host of health issues, an increase in blood pressure is often associated with weight gain as well. Losing weight is an extremely effective change you can make to your lifestyle in order to better manage your hypertension, as even the slightest weight loss helps in reducing the overall blood pressure.

Reduce sodium in your diet:

Sodium plays a crucial role in increasing your hypertension, so even a small reduction in your consumption of sodium can help reduce your blood pressure.

Exercise regularly:

Since hypertension is one of the biggest lifestyle ailments that afflicts modern day society, it makes sense that making certain lifestyle changes would be impact your life positively. Such as inculcating the habit of exercising regularly and indulging in some form of physical activity. About 20-30 minutes of daily exercise can help manage hypertension, it can range from walking briskly and doing yoga to a swimming and cycling.

Eat a healthy diet:

Including more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and reducing saturated fats from your daily diet can effectively lower your blood pressure, thus helping you manage hypertension effectively.

Limit the amount of alcohol you drink:

If consumed moderately, alcohol is known to have certain health benefits. The limit is generally around 2 drinks a day for men and 1 drink a day for women, as it can help reduce your hypertension. But more than moderate consumption negates the positive effects of alcohol and can actually increase your blood pressure.

Quit smoking:

Cigarettes affect your hypertension by increasing the blood pressure for minutes after you finish. Tests have shown that a person’s blood pressure returns to normal after they’ve quit the habit of smoking, it also has the additional benefit of reducing one’s risk of early heart disease. A better quality of life and a longer life expectancy is also observed in people who don’t smoke versus those who do.

Reduce your stress:

Stress has become a seemingly permanent bane of our daily lives, where it accompanies us in every situation, be it at work or at home. People’s stressful lives in turn have contributed to an increase in high blood pressure as well, as we often deal with stress by binging on unhealthy smoking and drinking as well as binging on unhealthy food. Work on identifying the causes for stress in various areas of life and then making active choices in eliminating them.

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