Advisory Council

Rishi Pal Chauhan

Managing Director JIVA Ayurveda

Rishi Pal Chauhan is the founder-president of Jiva Institute of Vedic Sciences, a non-profit organization that runs the Jiva Public School. He is also the Managing Director of Jiva Group, which includes Jiva Ayurveda and Jiva Public School. Mr. Chauhan is a postgraduate in Mechanical Engineering, he has over 20 years’ of experience in Quality Control Management both in India and the US. Mr. Chauhan oversees the operations of all Jiva programmes and plays a central role in the evolution and creation of Jiva’s novel programmes and products. He has been paramount in establishing the innovative ideas behind the Personal Development Program that includes Self, Others, Environment, Dincharya Ka Niyam (Daily Routine), and Swadhyay (Self-Reflection).

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