EkPrana Foundation

A Mission to Prevent and Manage Lifestyle Diseases through Integrative Healthcare

Today, lifestyle diseases have become a part of our life. Ailments like hypertension, diabetes, stress and obesity have become common parlance which are only increasing everyday at an alarming rate.

The present methodology put forward by modern medicine is not effective enough due to its limited focus on only the physical manifestations of the ailments – the symptoms – and not the root of the disease itself. Contextually, we believe, India could play a pivotal role in this scenario by bringing into play its ancient wisdom that saw the creation and development of several remarkable medicinal and curative forms, in Ayurveda and Yoga.

We believe that it’s time for modern science and ancient wisdom to come together to create a cohesive healthcare platform that the world desperately needs today. We also believe India is ideally placed to lead this and convert it into a movement.

Creating a Platform for Integrative Healthcare

We present to you – EkPrana Foundation – India’s first platform aimed at formulating experiential programs to create awareness on the therapeutic values of AYUSH systems and highlighting the benefits of its integration with modern medicine to prevent, manage and cure lifestyle diseases.

The EkPrana Foundation, is a Not for Profit Foundation, spearheading programs developed in collaboration with the stalwarts of Ayurveda, Yoga and Integrative Medicine to empower the masses with the right knowledge to safeguard themselves against the rising epidemic of non-communicable diseases.

The Ekprana Vision

To build a National Integrative Healthcare Grid by bringing together all the key players in Modern Medicine, Ayurveda and Yoga on one common platform and work on preventing and curing lifestyle diseases that are the bane of society today.

The Ekprana Mission

To build a healthy New India through evidenced-based experiential initiatives that will demonstrate the efficiency of Integrative Healthcare and make it a reality for the masses in our country.

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